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August 24, 2016
Zero Books
episode #81 — Decoding Chomsky

Chris Knight is currently senior research fellow in the department of anthropology at University College, London, focusing his research on the evolutionary emergence of human language and symbolic culture. He lives in London. His book Decoding Chomsky is coming out from Yale University Press in September.

Zero Books – Decoding Chomsky
September 21, 2015
Here We Are (hosted by Shane Mauss)
episode #47 — Gary Lupyan

This week we talk about the inner workings of language and how it can change over time.

Here We Are (hosted by Shane Mauss)
May 12, 2015
What the Songbird Said
The science of birdsong and its relationship to human language

Could birdsong tell us something about the evolution of human language? [...] The ability to learn and imitate sounds - vocal learning - is something that humans share with only a few other species, most notably, songbirds.

The science of birdsong and its relationship to human language
July 19, 2013
Science for the People: Putting Science In Context
episode #222 — Evolution of Language

This week, it’s an hour on the evolution of language. Linguist, philosopher, author and activist Noam Chomsky joins us to discuss the concept of universal grammar, and the possibility of a human genetic capacity to create and use language. Terrence Deacon, Chair of Anthropology at the University of California Berkeley, talks about the structure of language, and how some common features might be required to make language useful. And we’ll speak to biologist Con Slobodchikoff, Director of the Animal Language Institute, about his new book (...)

Science for the People (prev: Skeptically Speaking)
December 21, 2012
New Books in Language
James R. Hurford, “The Origins of Grammar” (Language in the Light of Evolution, Vol. 2)

Building upon The Origins of Meaning (see previous interview), James R. Hurford‘s second volume sets out to explain how the unique complexity of human syntax might have evolved.

New Books in Language
December 16, 2012
New Books in Language
James R. Hurford, “The Origins of Meaning” (Language in the Light of Evolution, Vol. 1)

Evolutionary approaches to linguistics have notoriously had a rather chequered history, being associated with vague and unfalsifiable claims about the motivations for the origins of language. It seems as though the subject has only recently come in from the cold, and yet there are already rich traditions of research in several distinct fields [...]

New Books in Language